27 juni , 2022 kl. 20:00 – 21:15
2450 Sydhavn
kr. 150,-
WOMEN ONLY, every second tuesday 20-21
You will get aronma theraphy, heat, reflection, enjoyment and wellness in the company of other women. One of our talented female aufguss masters will take you on a journey in the heat acompanied by calming essential oils and towel swings followed by ice cold dips in the ocean.
The event includes:
– 3 aufguss sessions of approx. 10 minutes duration
– 1 hour of warm sauna
– time to take a cold water dip in between the sessions
– limonada
– snacks
– storage facilties
Please get there 15 minutes before to land and change and who your ticket. We start on time. If you arrive late, please stay outside until the next round.
Remember to stay at home if you are feeling sick – let’s take care of each other.
Please remember that there are no toilet facilities as we are an outdoor mobile sauna trailer.
Important: Please keep in mind that there are no refunds and ticket is non-changeable. We reserve the right to cancel the event if less than 10 (out fo 20 are sold) up to 12 hours before an event. Ticket price excluding ticket provider fee (5kr) will be returned to you by the ticket provider. You are always welcome to re-sell your ticket to another sauna lover who then gets to enjoy the heat.
Check out our calendar at www.justsauna.dk. You can also rent the sauna – with or without an aufguss master – for private events. Contact us at justsauna@gmail.com for availability and prices.
The sauna is a non-sexual space and clothing is optional. We have a small tent where you can change and leave your clothing in to avoid the potential rain of the Danish weather. Please bring a waterproof bag to make sure your clothing stays dry.
It can be a good idea to bring 2 towels (1 to cover your skin to protect the sauna wood inside the sauna and 1 towel to dry after sauna use), a bathrobe, slippers etc. to stay warm in between sessions.
Please note: It is required to bring 1 big towel to use inside the sauna to participate in the event. If you forget you can rent one for 20kr on site.
Sauna and bathing is of course at your own responsibility and JUST SAUNA cannot be held responsible for use of either activity.
See you in the heat!
Facebook: justsaunadk
Instagram: just_sauna
Web: www.justsauna.dk

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