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6 oktober , 2020 kl. 20:00 – 22:00
Vermundsgade 13
2100 Copenhagen
kr. 295,-
Nordic Health & Living
25 70 05 61
Saunagus med Papa Bear - Rört @ Rört
Papa Bear’s Saunacave
An aufguss concept
featuring Pelle Ezekiel Esbensen
Pris 295kr. (klippekort via online bookingen)
A two-hour monthly event with 4 sessions of aufguss of aprm. 15 minutes each with similar length breaks (adjusted seasonally) in between
1. session:
Welcome to the bearcave. Grounding. Breathing. Relaxing.
2. session:
The wonders of woodsmoke. Papa bear waxes philosophical with elements of smoke rituals mixed into the aufguss.
3. session:
Stories of the journeys. All are invited to share an aspect of the lastest part of their inner or outer journey. Remember: What is shared in the cave stays in the cave.
4. session:
Back to the future. We prepare ourselves to consciously bring into the world the new energy we have generated together in the cave.

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