• With high-quality incense
  • For the energetic protection of rooms
  • With holy herb, camomile and others

14 gram

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Incense mixture with selected herbs like holy herb, calendula, camomile and frankincense. Ideal for cleaning and harmonizing your own living spaces. blog


The classic form of smoking is the smoldering of herbs and resins on charcoal. When the coal glows and turns white on the edge, you can start allpying the incense mixture. Fumigations with resins only are particularly well suited for the coal, as they exude quickly and intensely in the high heat their characteristic fragrance. A gentler way of smoking is the principle in the aroma lamp. Instead of the bowl, which is normally filled with essential oil and water, a special sieve is placed on the lamp. The smoking mixture is placed directly on the sieve and glows slowly over the flame of the candle. This method is particularly suitable for finished herbal and resin fumigations.


frankincense, holy herb*, calendula*, camomile* and others

* from organic cultivation


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