Bergamot – Aromen

Let the sunny scents of citrus fruit and the spicy edge of the bergamot essential oil from Aromen inspire you. Originally from Italy, the bergamot is a middle-height tree that grows fragrant, round fruits that turn yellow with maturation and can be used for oils. Its scent has a characteristic sweet acidity with a certain tartness. Healthwise, bergamot essential oil helps overcome depressive feelings and anxiety because of its positive workings on the mind.

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Especially in combination with lavender, bergamot promotes relaxation, helps against insomnia and tension. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can offer relief during respiratory issues. The bergamot essential oil from Aromen is 100% pure and organically certified. • Improves your mood • Helps a natural sleep pattern • Invigorating

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11 ml., 50 ml., 100 ml.

Bergamot – Aromen

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