Bergila Signature 110

✿ Anniversary Edition ✿
110 Signature organic essential oil mix

Anniversary Blend – Special Limited Edition
Scent: balsamic, woody, fresh, spicy;
Fragrance note: middle note
With 7 precious needle oils and lemon
Guaranteed quality directly from the manufacturer
100% pure essential oil
Natural aroma for food
Manufacturing: steam distillation of the needles / cold pressing from the peel
glass from at least 40% recycled glass

kr. 139.00kr. 979.00 inkl. moms


Signature 110 Signature 110 is the heart of BERGILA, developed for you, as a symbol of our passion for the distillation of essential oils and is created on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of BERGILA. This special blend is an expression of our enduring passion.

Signature means to sign by hand, this fragrance thus reveals its otherness, its character and its personal style.
Signature 110 embraces its 110 years of history in one fragrance, revealing dedication, passion and lifeblood of 4 generations through the years.

This blend of essential conifer oils comes from the twigs, needles and cones of various native conifers, which form its spicy-resinous, typical balsamic forest fragrance reflecting the tradition and firmness.

The fresh note of the scent, added to it by the citrus, stands for innovation and the spirit of the future, which is supposed to resonate in this fragrance.

Signature 110 is a unique and limited synergy of seven resinous conifer oils – extracted from a harsh, high alpine mountain and tree landscape – blended with the finest lemon oil from gently cold-pressed, fully ripe fruit from the foot of Mount Etna.

This one blend combines the fine balsamic resin scent of high alpine conifers and the Mediterranean nuances of citrus fruit.
Contained are White fir (Abies alba), Spruce (Picea abies), Arolla pine (Pinus cembra), Mountain pine (Pinus Mughus), Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Alpine juniper (Juniperus com. var. nana), Larch (Larix decidua), Lemon (Citrus limon)

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10 ml., 30 ml., 100ml.

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