Bergila – the Goddess in you

  • Fine balanced incense blend of herbs and resins
  • Supports femininity – feel being a woman
  • Grounding and giving peace and balance
  • Ingredients: gold copal, lady’s mantle, mugwort, cornflower, echinacea flowers, clary sage, yarrow
  • Scent experience: herbaceous, delicate, balanced
  • Flowers and herbs harvested by hand

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The classic form of smoking is to smoulder herbs and resins on charcoal. When the charcoal glows and turns white at the edges, you can begin to place the incense mixture on it. Incenses with resins only are particularly well suited for charcoal, as they exude their characteristic scent quickly and intensively in the high heat. When smoking on charcoal, put some sand on the hot charcoal so that the resins and herbs do not burn so quickly. A gentler way of smoking is with an incense burner. The incense mixture is placed directly on the sieve and slowly glows over the flame of the candle. This method is especially suitable for ready-made incense mixtures of herbs and resins.

Bergila – the Goddess in you

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